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Inspired by the lifestyle of Italian Photographer Patrizia Montanari, her latest project combines the Milan native’s passion for art and photography with her first love: fashion.

Consciously designed with sustainability in mind, Patrizia Montanari's premier collection embraces all body shapes and genders, without confining them, bringing comfort and freedom from morning to night. Each piece is designed to become a long lasting ‘forever wardrobe’ favorite.

Modern. Minimalist. Effortlessly chic.

Ethically made, Patrizia Montanari designs fit all personalities, no matter who you are or the way you look.

We’re entering the revolution of unconfined fashion and timeless wardrobe with love and respect for all body shapes and forms. No labels or boundaries will ever stop the power of expression with styling. 



Patrizia Montanari’s premiere collection includes a range of extremely comfortable hand loomed cotton garments, versatile styles that can be easily accessorized, layered or simply worn as they come.

Allow your body to feel comfortable and unconfined from day to night while also feeling confident and chic with minimal effort.

Patrizia Montanari collection is gender free and not limited to a season.

Modern, minimalist and effortlessly chic, these styles are just waiting to become your favorite go-to pieces in your forever wardrobe.




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