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Hand Made in Italy

Handmade crochet pieces made with love by women in Patrizia Montanari's family in Italy. These crochet garments are unique and one of a kind, they are all made with organic Italian cotton and each has a different design.
Custom designs are also available to order.

"These pieces are very close to my heart. It took me six months to decide if I even want to make them available to sell, and here’s why.
I come from a big family in Italy, where women cook, create amazing recipes and then pass them on to their children. They take care of the house, they sit around with their family to eat long happy lunches and dinners.  They sit outside their homes, people watching and gossiping and all the while, they are usually crocheting or knitting.
My grandmother's hands were the most amazing hands. She could make the best hand-made pasta as well as crocheting the most incredible shawls and blankets. I have her hands. I literally have the same looking hands - small, fast, skinny and with short fingers, although I wish I could use them the same way she did.
My grandmother taught all her kids to crochet and knit, and still to this day, my mother, her sisters and some of her brothers still crochet and knit some amazing and beautiful garments, or maybe incredible pieces of artwork would be a better description. Yes, that is exactly what they are - pieces of art.
I'm emotionally connected to all these pieces because of all the love, dedication, detail, patience and skill that goes into creating them and because my mother and my beautiful aunties created them.
So today, I am adding them to the website to make them available to you because I realize this art needs to be shared, this tradition needs to be passed on.
And while I do that, I'm also teaching my kids all of the above.
Ciao e grazie!"
- Patrizia

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