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Patrizia Montanari was born and raised in a town just outside Milan, Italy. Growing up she was surrounded by the love, and laughter, of her large extended family. Uncles, Aunties and Cousins whose lives all entwined on a daily basis.

She has many blissful memories of long, hot Summers all together in the south of Italy, surrounded by art, culture and, of course, incredible food.

In 2002 she began to travel and experience a world outside of her country. She lived and worked in many new and exciting cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas until early 2017 when she decided to make Portland, Oregon her home along with her husband and two young children. 

Patrizia has experienced and created art all her life. In the last few years her love for art, and in particular portrait and figure painting, naturally evolved into a deep love for photography. Taking pictures quickly became an obsession and a new way to express her creativity. 

Growing up in Milan she was exposed to the world of high-end fashion, helping her develop her innate sense of style, design and a passion for all things beautiful. 

In 2017, while working as a photographer and on photoshoots daily, Patrizia realized the need for comfortable yet stylish clothes that won’t confine the body - a kind of uniform that both men and women could wear to work and beyond.

A modern look from morning to night, from set to dinner. Her inspiration is based on a modern, minimalist, gender fluid professional, and her clothes are both simple and comfortable and won’t confine the body.

Her goal is to dress anybody: Any shape. Any personality, and to help people feel chic with minimal effort.

The idea of launching a clothing line made perfect sense to her entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit, so in 2018 Patrizia Montanari, the brand, was born.




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