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The moment I met Maria Prieto I knew it wasn't going to be the last time. She jumped into our friend's car on a dark winters night and brought with her a summer sunshine. Maria is a smart, young, compassionate woman, I also learned she's resilient, strong and loyal. She moved to Portland OR only a couple of years ago, escaped from the hard reality of Venezuela, a country that she loves and is engraved into her energetic and passionate personality. 

I have the honor to work with Maria, and today I want to introduce her to all of you.

She is an avid Patrizia Montanari's fan and perfect model, we are so happy to share her with you in this short interview.

(Special THANKS to my dear friend Karla Nagaya for introducing us!)

- Patrizia

patrizia montanari jumpsuit

Maria, tell us where you come from and a little bit of your background?

I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I moved out when I was 19 years old because of the humanitarian crisis that my country was going through. I moved to America to find a new life and graduate from college. 

Was it hard to leave Venezuela?

It was the hardest decision in my life. I love my country and I loved everything in there. The people, the weather, the spaces. In Venezuela I learned how to be happy with so little. We had nothing yet we all felt so grateful besides the difficulties.    

What do you miss the most?

The people and the weather. I miss everyday the sense of community that my country used to give. If something went wrong in my life, we would always have each others back. Support was an essential part our country. 

How’s fashion different in the US compared to Venezuela?

Fashion in Venezuela is a BIG deal. I used to go to fashion shows all the time. Every time someone leaves their house, they have to dress to impress. They are so many fashion companies in Venezuela and they all offer so many creative options to the public. In the US I’ve noticed that fashion is also a big deal for everyone depending in which city they live. Some cities take it more seriously than others. 

What do you feel the fashion business is missing?

Affordable, high quality, ecologic and long lasting pieces. Fast fashion is destroying the world and the fashion industry. We are not appreciating the art within fashion anymore and we should bring more awareness to that. 

What does Patrizia Montanari Brand mean to you?

It means A LOT. It means power, freedom and equality. I’ve had the chance to work with the designer of this brand and I can tell that every piece represents a key element that identifies the strength, creativity and love that we can find within us. 

What is your favorite Patrizia Montanari style?

The Pocket Dress, the Black Jumpsuit and the Wool Kimono. These pieces are a must in your closet and they are to die for! 

Any fashion advise from a millennial, you would like to share?

Stop buying clothes that deteriorates really fast. Save some money and be clever. Buy from brands that focus on design, quality and detail. That’s fashion that will last forever, like Patrizia Montanari Brand.

patrizia montanari - jumpsuit


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